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Les Preses is a small municipality located in the south of the comarca of Olot with a long history. It is said that, in 922, Sant Pere de les Preses church already existed. In fact, it was built in the same place as the present one. The village was, during some periods of the Middle Ages, under the monastery of Sant Benet del Bages, Besalú county and the viscountcy of Bas rule. Part of the municipality is comprised within La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. Highly remarkable is the Pedra Tosca Park, located in between Olot and Les Preses, next to the Via Verda. It is a maze of paths, dry stones, swiddens and huts. It is a unique location where you can appreciate how the land was used in the past as compared to these days. In the east stands the Corb range that has two hermitages, Sant Martí del Corb and Sant Miquel del Corb, at the foot of Puig Rodó, 905 metres high. The active and cultural life of the village must also be mentioned, with festivals such as Ésdansa, which takes place the last week of every August.