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Montgut i Oix is a village located in the heart of the comarca of Alta Garrotxa, which incorporates the old villages of Fluvià and Oix. The municipal border comprises the two villages, Montagut and Oix, as well as several neighbourhoods, farmhouses scattered throughout the territory and impressive mountains, like Puig de Bassegoda (1373 m.). It is the only village of La Garrotxa which borders Northern Catalonia. Scattered within the municipal borders, there are several millenary churches with documented references of the 9th century. In Montagut, for example, there is Sant Pere church and in the mountain of Cós, the one of Mare de Déu del Cos. It is important to highlight the village of Ós, where you will find Sant Llorenç church and the Romanesque bridge. In the valley there are also several churches. The most important one is located in Sant Aniol d'Aguja, a place where you can only get after a long and beautiful trek. It is also the place where, every Easter Sunday, the Aplec dels Francesos (a social gathering) is celebrated, as Marià Vayreda, a Catalan writer, narrates in his novel La Punyalada.