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Sant Aniol de Finestres is located in the Finestres range, to the south side of La Garrotxa. In this village the river Llémena is born. It flows through the comarca of El Gironès until meeting the river Ter. Its advantageous location, in between the mountains of the countys of La Garrotxa and El Gironès has turned it into the setting of two important uprisings. The first one took place in the 15th century, with the remença revolts, in which Verntallat and Pere Joan Sala played an important role. On the other hand, the second one took place by the end of the 19th century with the Third Carlist War. The churches, such as Sant Aniol de Finestres, Sant Esteve de Llémena or Sant Andreu de la Barroca, are also of great interest. The castle and the Finestres hermitage deserve special consideration as they have many centuries of history.