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1994 artists meeting

  • 1994 artists meeting
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In the 1990s, in the 20th century, the Italian province of Frosinone promoted several artists meetings in different places of the Mediterranean regions. The last one took was in 1994. It took place in Frosinone, in the small village of Morolo and also in Besalú.The idea was that, all the artistic creations which had come up during these meetings would remain in the same place where it had been created. This is why Besalú received many artisitic creations which are nowadays integrated in the town and are part of Besalú's landscape. There were some sculptures which disappeared or, such as the one made by Anna Manel·la, placed right in front of Sant Martí de Capellades hermitage, has been moved away after several attempted thefts. Among these artistic creations Ester Baulida's chairs placed in the street dedicated to Abraham des Castlar and Rocafort Street are of great interest, as well as the mobile which Fausto Roma placed in the passage leading to Sinagoga square, the metallic pieces which Mimo Rossi hammered on the city walls and the round iron containers installed by Franco Marroco near Sant Vicenç church.