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Els Hostalets d'en Bas

  • Els Hostalets d'en Bas
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Els Hostalets d'en Bas was born in the 18th century and it was built around a few lodging houses that stood on the royal road connecting Olot and Vic. The village has gradually expanded, thus retaining its rustic and picturesque essence. The carrer Teixeda (Teixeda Street) is of particular interest for its orderly urban layout, crossed by neat streets with restored stone houses, which boast magnificent wooden balconies. This emblematic image has been immortalized in paintings and photographs. In fact, the town has been declared a place of historic and artistic interest. The town is located in a privileged surrounding, where the Falgars cliffs, Sant Miquel de Falgars hermitage and the old Castelló d'en Bas chapel, are also of great interest.