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Sant Pere de Lligordà church

  • Sant Pere de Lligordà church
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Sant Pere de Lligordà is the centre of Lligordà, a small population centre attached to the village of Beuda. It is composed by scattered farmhouses around the southern slopes of Mare de Déu del Mont, near Besalú's road. The church can be seen from the road. The first references of Lligordà date from the year 977 and are found on a bull signed by the Pope Benedict VII favouring the canonic church of Santa Maria de Besalú, refered to as “Ligordunum”. Sant Pere de Lligordà's church is formed by a single nave, which has a rectangular floor, and a semi-circular apse. The only element added at a later date is an attached room at the eastern end. The entrance door is located on the noon façade and has three gradation arches, a lintel and a tympanum decorated with a cross in relief. There are two double-sided windows, one in the centre and the other one in the eastern side. Apparently, the present bell tower replaces the old belfry. The door corresponds to the religious architectural characteristics of La Garrotxa. Its door swings, decorated and reinforced with wrought iron frames, lead to the central element, some wide and twin-volute flat ribbons. On the right side, there is a door with a bolt in the shape of the head of a snake, a common motif in Romanesque doors.