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Former Hospital Sant Jaume - Former Sant Jaume Hospital church

  • Former Hospital Sant Jaume - Former Sant Jaume Hospital church
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The old Sant Jaume hospital, founded in 1310 by the knight Berenguer de Reixach, was originally dedicated to the pilgrims. Initially, it was located in the old city centre. A century later, during the 15th century earthquakes, it became very important. In the 16th century, due to the population increase, it was relocated in Sant Rafael Street, in a new building thanks to the contribution of Miquel Març, a public notary from Olot. The result was a sizeable building with a cuadrangular floor and a monumental façade with several windows and an entrance door, with all the elements decorated. In 1611 the architect Llàtzer Cisterna took part in the restoration and decoration work. In 1729 the stairway was built and, later, in 1846, the hospital chapel was rebuilt. The Renaissance style façade is the only original element left and it deserves special consideration, since it is considered one of the most valuable memories of Olot.