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Ice well

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Sant Feliu de Pallerols ice well is found next to the river Brugent. Its location is not strange, since, in the past, the wells were built in cool and shady places with water nearby. It has a cylindrical shape, made of stone and half covered with a cupola with two openings, a larger one and a smaller one, for people to go in and out. The purpose of the ice wells was to collect the ice or the snow created in the interior of Catalonia during the winter to later sell it. There are hundreds of wells such as this one around the Catalan geography and, nearly all of them, have the same structure as the one in Sant Feliu de Pallerols, although there are different sizes and types. This rural industry was particularly important from the 17th until the 20th century. Its main consumers were middle class people from big cities, especially Barcelona. However, this industry disappeared when the advances in technology made it possible to freeze water and produce ice artificially. To reach Sant Feliu de Pallerols ice well, take the Can Campaneta path and by the Noc, you will find a turning to the left, which will lead you to the forest. Right there, on the right, 50 metres away, there are the remains of the ice well.