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La Plana gorge

  • La Plana gorge
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Along the river Brugent there are several gorges and other buildings which use the water of the river. Close to the first small cascade there is Can Paulí hydro-electric power plant or paper mill. Next, there are La Plana gorge and spring. To reach this place you have to leave Les Planes d'Hostoles, on the right side of the road there is the graveyard and on the other side a path which leads to a quite area. At this point you have to leave the vehicle and take a straight path which leads you directly to the gorge. Following the river upwards we will arrive to La Pedrera d'en Biel gorge. Biel was a man who worked in a quarry to build paving stones, which were used to pave many streets, including the ones in Barcelona. This place was perfect for the otters, due to its dense vegetation and the temperature of the water.