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Mare de Déu del Cós church

  • Mare de Déu del Cós church
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Mare de Déu del Cós church is a suffragan chapel of Sant Pere de Montagut parish. In fact, it corresponds to an old chapel of the castle of Montagut, of which there are references since 1105. The building has a single rectangular nave with barrel vault, a semi-circular apse and a belfry with a single opening. Right in front of the church there is a viewpoint from where we can admire the valley of the river Fluvià and Llierca; in the north-east there is the Mont sanctuary; in the south, the valley of the river Fluvià, the Puigsacalm range and the Far sanctuary. We can access Montagut taking the avenue which leads to the sports centre. Right next to it, there is a forest area with paved tracks which goes up to the top of the mountain range.