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Mill Molí de la Conqueta

  • Mill Molí de la Conqueta
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Since the 12th century, the mills built next to the river Brugent, the creeks of La Fàbrega and Sant Iscle, were part of the landscape in Sant Feliu de Pallerols. In fact, well into the 20th century, when it was impossible to compete against the electricity, the mills were central elements in the life and the economy of the town. One of the most well-preserved is the mill Molí de la Conqueta, built in 1310 and connected to the evolution of Sant Feliu de Pallerols. Initially, it was a small flour mill that functioned thanks to the hydraulic power of the water – taken from a small lock called La Conqueta – from where it was conducted to the mill through a canal. For a small period of time, around 1533, it was used to make wool, but it quickly went back to its original function. It was active until the 1960s in the 20th century. The town hall of Sant Feliu de Pallerols bought and restored it. It is highly recommendable to visit it, since it can be a great way to learn how mills functioned with the force of the water.