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Sant Joan les Fonts monastery

  • Sant Joan les Fonts monastery
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Sant Joan les Fonts monastery dates back to the year 958 and was dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. This monastery has had several owners over the years. From the 11th until the 15th century it belonged to Saint Victor. Then, it became part of Sant Pere de Besalú monastery until 1592, when Sant Pere de Camprodon claimed it and owned it until the 19th century. The 15th century earthquakes damaged both the cloisters and the old constructions. The Romanesque church is a basilical plan with a rectangular shape. It has three naves, a central one and two on the sides. The apse and the two apse chapels are of great interest. They are located on both sides of the central apse. One of them got lost in the 18th century. On the inside, the baptism font, dating from the 12th century, together with the reliefs of the capitals and a replica of the Sant Joan les Fonts Majesty, dating from the 12th century, are also of great interest. This building was classified as an asset of National Interest in 1982.