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Sant Esteve de Llémena church

  • Sant Esteve de Llémena church
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Sant Esteve de Llémena church is 600 metres from the village Sant Esteve de Llémena, within the municipal borders of Sant Aniol de Finestres. The origin of the church is unknown, although the first references we have date from the year 1056, when it is believed there was a single construction with only a nave with barrel vault and a semicircular apse. Over the 16th and 17th centuries, because of an important population growth, the temple became too small and they decided to enlarge it. Throughout the 18th century, the building was altered. Two new chapels were built and the portal was altered, as the date written on the stone indicates, it was in 1791. The building survived the Spanish Civil War and its structure did not suffer important damages. However, the liturgical furnishings were lost.