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Santa Maria de Finestres hermitage

  • Santa Maria de Finestres hermitage
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Santa Maria de les Finestres hermitage is a Roman temple of Romanesque origin. Its single nave has suffered a lot of alterations and the only original elements left are the semicircular apse and the arc. It was part of the old town of Finestres, located right in the middle of the mountain with the same name. Santa Maria church became a Benedictine county of Sant Esteve de Banyoles from the 11th century until 1836, although from the 15th century onwards, the abbots were commendatory. Since it was a county, several priests had to live together. The one holding the superior rang was the prior, subordinated to the abbot, in this case to the one in Sant Esteve de Banyoles. From the 14th century, though, the only monk of Finestres was precisely the prior, who did not live there. Every year, the citizens of Sant Aniol de Finestres organize a gathering to celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary.