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The sanctuary of Guilar

  • The sanctuary of Guilar
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The sanctuary of Guilar was built, as part of the chapel of the castle of Guilar, by the knight Simó de Balbs in 1334, who dedicated it to Saint Mary. It is formed by a single nave with a small belfry and a semi-circular apse. The entrance consists of a porch and a sink. The year 1741 is engraved on a stone. It indicates the time when it was modified. From this place we can admire Argelaguer, as well as the valley of Llierca with the villages of Sant Jaume de Llierca, Montagut, Tortellà and Sales de Llierca. Moreover, you can also see the plains of Politger and Tapioles, separated by the river Llierca, and the mountains of Comanegre, El Canigó, Bassagoda, Mare de Déu del Mont sanctuary and the Pyrenees.