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Torre de Canadell

  • Torre de Canadell
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Canadell tower is located within the municipality of Sant Joan les Fonts, close to mas (farmhouse) Canadell, in Vivers range. It is a fortified construction which the inhabitants of Sant Joan les Fonts had to build under the command of the Carlists during the Carlist Wars of the 19th century. It is a square building with four floors and a flat roof. It has loopholes on its four sides. The tower was surrounded by a wall, of which there are still some remains left. This strategic place was used as a lookout post by the Carlist General Francesc Savalls and his troops, since it allowed them to control a wide territory of La Garrotxa. From this place, the whole comarca of La Garrotxa up to Besalú, Begudà plain, Bianya Valley and Castellar de la Muntanya can be controlled. It also offers a spectacular view of the mountains in the area: Mare de Déu del Mont, the Alta Garrotxa summits and the Pyrenees in Girona.