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Les Cols Pavellons

  • Les Cols Pavellons
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A contemplative and sober space to rest at night. The place is an isolated area surrounding the country house Les Cols as an oasis in a city. Following the structure of vegetable gardens, pieces of land with vegetal walls, these pavilions are partially covered, with high walls protecting them, with a path going down, where the vision and pleasure of the night sky – the moon and the stars – become essential protagonists. When you are facing night and emptiness, protected among walls and reflexes in glass, mixed in a virtuous game of light and water, you feel again some aspects of nature you thought you had forgotten.
Shadow of the shadow, light, silence, water, peace…  LIVING NATURE


  • Accessible : Yes
  • Address : Av. Les Cols, 2
  • Phone number : 699 813 817
  • Category : P**
  • Mild mobility movement
  • Government license : HG-002319