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Mas Prat country house

  • Mas Prat country house
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It is an independent rural house located in the area of the natural park of Garrotxa volcanoes. It is included in the location of La Vall de Bianya, a village placed near to Hostal Nou and also close to Santa Margarida Romanic church.

It is composed of three edifications: the ranch, the chalet and the shack. All these houses are just surrounded by grass fields and yards.


  • Accessible : Yes
  • Address : Vall de Bianya
  • Phone number : 645 90 10 26
  • Type : Full rent house
  • Dogs allowed : Oui
  • Barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Mild mobility movement
  • Serious mobility movement
  • Government license : PG-000636, PG-000695, PG-000696