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Museu de Miniatures i Microminiatures de Besalú

  • Museu de Miniatures i Microminiatures de Besalú
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To visit the Museum is discover one collection of the most complete and varied collection of miniatures in Europe and the first in Catalonia, situated in a singular building. The visitor would see more than 2000 pieces created by artists from all over the world. The technical and artistic quality of the works shown is exceptional, and their magic and beauty will lead the visitor on a singular voyage between reality and appearance.

In the first room of miniatures, you will see a collection of shops that contains altogether more than 1000 pieces. All of these .  are 12 times smaller than the persons and objects they represent. This scale of 1:12 corresponds to an internationally accepted standard.

The next room of mini miniatures, contains compositions that are100 to 500 hundred times smaller than their models and represent a whole variety of scenes, such as a complete circus arena or an elephant in equilibrium on the point of a needle.

Finally, will you enter into the incredible world of micro miniatures, creations up to 100 thousand times smaller than reality. Thus, you will marvel at a whole train travelling along the eye of a needle.


  • Address : Plaça Prat de Sante Pere, 15
  • Phone number : 972 59 18 42