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The Volcano Museum is located in the Torre Castanys building in Parc Nou. The exhibition presents the physical environment of La Garrotxa, with special focus on seismic and volcanic phenomena and the main ecosystems found in the county. Explanations are delivered through scale models, illustrations, interactive videos and an earthquake simulator that allows visitors to experience the earthquakes that shook the city of Olot back in the 15th century.

The magnificent Botanical Garden of Natural Olot Vegetation, located inside Parc Nou, is designed like yet another hall in the museum showing visitors the grove of pedunculate oak trees (Quercus robur) and a garden of medicinal herbs.

Opening times:

Working days: 10-14 h and 15-18 h

Saturday: 10-14 h and 15-18 h

Sunday & Holiday: 10-14 h

Monday closed


  • Address : Ctra. Santa Coloma, 43
  • Phone number : 972 26 67 62
  • Car park : Yes
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