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Planeses Agricultura Regenerativa

  • Planeses Agricultura Regenerativa
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Planeses Agricultura Regenerativa is an experimental transition agriculture project where we look for new ways of working based on the recovery of life and the natural fertility of the soil. To achieve this we have opted for a diversification of production through an integrated agricultural, livestock and forestry system that allows us to adapt to the variation of conditions in our land, closing the production circles within the exploitation, and obtaining a Use environmentally, socially and economically more sustainable.


The main elements of the Planeses project are: 1.7 ha of hort without working with pasture of hens; 3 ha of fruit trees with grazing of chickens, ducks and rabbits; 7 ha of fruit trees with cows' pasture, 10 ha of pastures of oaks and oaks for the pasture of cows; 30 ha of holm oak with clarifications to improve the structure of the forest at the time we produce BRF and Biochar for the improvement of the soil of the orchard and fruit trees.


  • Address : Mas Planeses, s/n
  • Phone number : 658 86 88 60
  • Car park : Yes