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Som Mobilitat is a car-sharing or car rental company. But with a 
cooperative, non-profit structure; and with a social and environmental
objective: to resolve the mobility of people by betting on the energy
transition and the diminution of the environmental impact generated by
mobility. Som Mobilitat offers shared mobility mobility services to its associated
people or legal entities. These services are extended in different
parts of Catalonia and they extend as the cooperative is growing to
create a shared electric vehicle network that is designed globally but
has a local organization. In the case of Olot and La Garrotxa, it is
the Garrotxa Local Group of Som Mobility, formed by the local people
of the region, who is in charge of developing services in the region. Som Mobilitat in La Garrotxa want to solve the mobility that can not be
done on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport, and that it is
necessary to do it with a particular vehicle. This type of mobility
includes daily or occasional mobility, either in the region, or in
neighboring counties. It also aims to cover the need for visitors who
can not travel with other sustainable means (bicycle, public transport). The vehicles of Som Mobiiltat are co-owned by all the associated
individuals or legal entities and for that reason all the users watch
over the good condition of the service, communicating any anomaly that
may exist, either with the vehicle used or with the service in general.


  • Address : Garatge Parc Nou, Ronda Fluvià, s/n, 17800 Olot
  • Phone number : 972692072