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The name Besalú stems from the term Bisuldunum, which means a fortification between two waters: the river Fluvià and the creek Capellades. Besalú lived its golden age when it became capital of the County of Besalú, from 902 until 1111. When the Count Bernard III, who, at that time, was married to the Count of Barcelona's daughter, died without legitimate offspring, the County of Besalú was absorbed by Barcelona County. Its origin can be found in the castle, with the first documented references dating back to the 10th century. It is located on the top of a high hill where there are the remains of the collegiate church of Santa Maria. In 1966 Besalú was classified as a National Historic-Artistic Grouping for its architectural heritage. The seven-arch Romanesque bridge takes us back in time. Both the call, Besalú's Jewish quarter, and the mikvah were important buildings for the Jewish community and, today, they are distinctive features of the village. The old church of the monastery of Sant Pere is a good example of Romanesque architecture and, together with the Christian church of Sant Vicenç and the different streets, they can help us understand what a medieval city looked like.