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Les Planes d'Hostoles is a village part of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park as well as the orographic system called “PEIN Collsacabra”, which stands out for its singular and spectacular mountains and its dense Atlantic vegetation, characteristic of the Catalan humid climate. The most relevant elements are the several gorges created by the river Brugent, the Far cliff and the monumental centenary oak. Moreover, the castles of Hostoles and Puig-alder, which in the Middle Ages formed the line of defence separating the bishoprics of Vic and Girona, are also worth visiting. During the 15th century, these territories were the settings where the remença uprisings, led by Francesc de Verntallat, took place; the first revolts won by the peasants in Europe. Going forward in time, other important patrimonial elements are the Modernist buildings constructed as a result of the industrial expansion of the late 19th century.