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Riudaura is a small village in the west of the comarca of La Garrotxa, which borders with El Ripollès. It is located in the valley which has its name and surrounded by the Sant Miquel del Mont and La Rauta ranges. In 852 the monastery of Santa Maria was built, one of the oldest in the comarca. It was the start of an important Benedictine community. Nowadays, a tower, which can be found in Santa Maria church, is still preserved. In this village, in the La Corda lodging house, on 26th of March 1875 there was a meeting which put an end to the Third Carlist War. In the cultural sphere, the dance of the Gambeto must be mentioned. It is a traditional dance which, since the Middle Ages, is danced in the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on the Sunday of Whitsun. Another important tradition is the shepherds mass, celebrated on Christmas Eve.