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The municipality of Sales de Llierca is over 36 km2 and located right in the middle of the Alta Garrotxa, between the rivers Llierca and Borró. Two different areas can be found; the flat lands in the south and the mountains in the north. There are references of the existence of an inhabited centre of population in Sales in the 10th century and the history of the town is closely related to the castle of Sales, home to an important barony in the Middle Ages. In fact, the vast majority of the noble families around the area could be found in Sales, like Empúries, the Rocabertí or Cornellà families. In the centre of the village you can admire the Sant Martí parish church, which has gone through several modifications. You can also go up Santa Cecília de Sadernes, Sant Grau d'Entreperes, Sant Andreu de Guitarriu or Sant Miquel de Monteia, a route which will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of the corner in this millenary territory.