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Sant Feliu the Pallerols is a village in the valley of Hostoles, by the creek of the river Brugent. On each side, the mountains and the dense forests invite us to wander around its paths or using the green road. Characterised by its history, today we can still find medieval vestiges of the past, such as bridges and Romanesque churches, the old city centre of the village or the castles of Hostoles and Colltort, which were key sites on the remença uprisings. In the 15th century, Francesc de Verntallat revolted against the abusive mals usos (feudal obligations) to which the peasants were subjected to by their feudal lords. He converted the castle of Hostoles into its headquarters and managed to control the whole valley from the castle of Hostoles. Therefore, today a monument to this peasant leader can be seen in the village.