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Sant Ferriol is a village spread in the east of the comarca of La Garrotxa which covers an area of 45 km2. It is formed by several other singular population entities: Sant Ferriol, El Torn, Fares, Juïnyà, la Maina, Ossinyà and El Mor. These neighbourhoods are scattered throughout the valleys of the rivers Fluvià and Ser, the creek Junyell and the mountains and ranges of Torn and Mor. Until 1922 it was called Besalú parish, since its territory surrounds this municipality in the east, south and west. Sant Ferriol sanctuary must be specially noted, as it offers a spectacular panorama, from which the Alta Garrotxa, the Pyrenees and the bay of Roses can be admired. Another key element is Sant Fruitós d'Ossinyà, a Romanesque building dating from the 12th century, which is documented since the year 977. Sant Miquel de Miana, Santa Maria de Fares and Santa Maria del Collell sanctuary, all of Romanesque style, are also worth visiting.