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Sant Joan les Fonts is located on the east side of Olot, where the river Fluvià and the creek of Bianya meet, on a basaltic lava flow coming from the volcanoes of La Canya and Aiguanegra. The name of the village stems from the great amount of fonts scattered through its territory. The municipal border comprises Sant Joan les Fonts, La Canya and Begudà. These places have been inhabited since the past, as the remains of an old Iberian village prove. In the 9th century a few farmhouses appeared on the mountains and, later on, in the 12th century, with the priory of Sant Esteve de les Fonts Inferiors, today known as the Romanesque monastery of Sant Joan les Fonts, they increased in number. Other elements such as the medieval castle of Estada Juvinyà or the Romanesque bridge are also of great interest. In the area of Molí Fondo and Boscarró there are three superimposed lava flows, each corresponding to three different times and volcanoes. Although the origin of the second lava flow is still unknown, the first one comes from Batet volcano and the third one from Garrinada volcano.