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Broken bridge

  • Broken bridge
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The history of this bridge over the river Fluvià comes from several misfortunes which it suffered from the very beginning. Its construction was initiated in 1902 and, marked by strikes, meteorological incidents and several landslides which forced to change the original project. This is the reason why it was not finished until 1908, but not many years later it had to be restored due to several crevices which made its use impossible. At the end of the Civil War, when the Republican forces were retreating, it was destroyed to hinder the progress of the Franco army. The need to have a crossing over the river Fluvià, motivated that, just after the war had finished, it was rebuilt again, with such bad luck that, only a few months afterwards, the 1940 flood took two arches of it. After that, a new one was built, the present one on which the road goes over, only some meters away. Since then, the remains of this bridge are known as “broken bridge”. This clearly proofs how harsh nature can be and the fact that men need to be cunning to survive.