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  • Puigpardines
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Below a forest of oaks, the typical vegetation of the area, there is Puigpardines, formed by Santa Maria church and the remains of the castle. This castle had a 14 metres square floor plan and a tower on the south-east façade which was 6.20 metres long and 5.40 metres wide. Most of these walls no longer exist and, nowadays, we can only guess where they were. Santa Maria de Puigpardines church, dating from the 12th century, has been modified over time. The temple was gravely affected by the 15th century earthquakes and, possibly, the apse had to be demolished and a new body had to be built.The primitive entrance, now bricked up, has a very simple structure and is covered by a semi-circular arch. It is supported by two columns and capitals, adorned with floral motifs. The capitals have a regular shape and are quite deteriorated. Moreover, on one side chapel, there is a Romanesque baptismal font which probably dates back to the 12th century. It is made with a block of calcaric stone, although it is now quite deteriorated. The rectory, these days used as a holiday camp, is also part of the village.

You can reach Puigpardines from the C-152 in direction to Olot. Once in Les Preses, go along the GIP-5226 in direction to Mallol. There is a path on the left just before getting to this town which will lead you to Puigpardines.