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Gambeto's square

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Gambeto's square is located in the Medieval centre of Riudaura and it is the place where the dance of the Gambeto is celebrated, in the framework of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, on the Sunday of Whitsun. A gambeto was a coat that men used to wear in the past in Catalonia. It was a long piece of clothing only worn on special occasions. Opposite, there is the building of the city council, which was built in 1420. It originally was Sant Marçal church and, on the upper floor, there was the university or a meeting point for the respected and learned men of the region. The building was restored in the eighties. In the place where the apse was found, demolished in the fifties, there is a door with a lintel with Sant Marçal's hand and the abbatial mitre, which dates from 1666. Presiding over the square, there is the Saula, dating from 1447, which, together with the rest of the buildings of this time, form the medieval centre.