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The hospice, located in the Street with the very same name, is a three floor Neoclassic building built with volcanic stone of La Garrotxa. It was built from 1179 to 1784. A few years later, during the War of the Pyrenees (1793-95), as well as the Third Carlist War (1874), the hospice was turned into a barrack. Over the years, the hospice has had several uses. For example, it has been a music school, a library, an archive and a school of art. In fact, the hospice and the school of art were the base of the Olot School of Landscape. Nowadays, the hospice is home to the Museu countyl de la Garrotxa (Regional Museum of La Garrotxa), which specializes in Catalan painting and, especially, in the members and followers of the Olot School of Landscape.