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Sant Martí de Solamal church

  • Sant Martí de Solamal church
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To reach Sant Martí de Solamal church, take the C-153, following the road next to the bridge of Can Grèvol and go through Sant Pere Despuig. Once in L'Hostalnou, take back the C-153. Originally, Sant Martí church had a single nave bounded by a semi-circular apse in the east, decorated with a simple frieze supported by corbels. The entrance door is located on the west and has a double-sided semi-circular arch. It is thought that, in the past, there used to be a belfry which was reformed during the 18th century. A big Romanesque baptismal font in an oval shape is preserved. It was used to hold baptisms. Until the 13th century, this sacrament was celebrated through an immersion ritual and this is why the fonts were considerably big.