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Sant Martí del Clot church

  • Sant Martí del Clot church
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Coming from the C-153 road in the direction of Sant Slavador de Bianya, passed the bridge of Coromina, there is a partially paved path which goes under the cemetery, the church and the old rectory. Sant Martí del Clot church dates from the 12th century, although it was modified over the 15thcentury, after the earthquake in La Garrotxa. The original building had a single nave bounded by a semi-circular apse. In the 18th century, the building was heightened and enlarged. The bell tower has a saddle roof built in the 17th century. The apse still has its original Romanesque structure, although it is partially hidden by the sacristy. The entrance door is engraved with Gothic letters. Since the church is dedicated to Saint Martin, there are several horseshoes in the door which are offerings to the saint.