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Sant Salvador de Bianya church

  • Sant Salvador de Bianya church
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To reach Sant Salvador de Bianya church follow the C-153 road which goes up to the Collet de Capsacosta and goes on until Sant Pau de Segúries. Sant Salvador de Bianya church holds the status of the parish church of the town. Located in the valley of Bianya, it is formed by a few scattered farmhouses. The first documented references of the church date back to the year 1090, when the brothers Ademer Ramon and Guillem gave the chaplaincy of the church back to the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abedesses. Although it has been modified over the years, it can be considered a clear example of Romanesque art. Its modifications and the fact that the nave had been covered with a slightly pointed barrel vault are clear indicators that the church was restored. Between the transverse arches on both sides of the nave, two small chapels and a sacristy were added in the 18thcentury. In the middle of the apse, dating from the 12th century, there is a double-sided window decorated with sculpted capitals. The apse also has some sculpted corbels. Altogether, there are nine corbels mainly sculpted with vegetable and floral motifs. On the inside, the transverse arches are supported by decorated pilasters with columns and engraved capitals. By the choir, there is a Romanesque baptismal font decorated in relief and a border. In the nave there is a Romanesque holy water font made of marble with a decoration in relief on the external surface.