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Santa Margarida de Bianya church

  • Santa Margarida de Bianya church
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To reach Santa Margarida de Bianya church go through the square of Hostalnou and follow the paved track which leads to the church. Santa Margarida de Bianya church still holds the status of parish church and has the same name as the valley of Bianya. Although the first documented reference we have of the church dates back to 858, when the count Guifré de Besalú donated it to the monastery of Riudaura, there are no other clear references of it until the year 1117, when it appeared in an act of dedication to the neighbouring church of Sant Andreu de Socarrats. Its primitive floor plan was modified at a later date. Originally, the floor of the church was formed by a central nave with a semi-circular apse orientated to the east, with two chapels on the sides in the shape of semi-circular apses. Nowadays, the apse of the noon chapel has disappeared and has been replaced by a trapezoidal annex which is used as a vestry. The entrance door was originally located near the noon facade, although we can now find it on the one in the west. The inside of the church has also been modified several times. The reforms which have taken place over the years make it difficult to state the details of the original construction.