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Santa Maria de Palera church

  • Santa Maria de Palera church
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Santa Maria de Palera church stands near the Salt de Palera waterfall. It was first refered to as a parish church in 1085, on the occasion of the consecration act of the neighbouring church of Sant Sepulcre de Palera. Santa Maria de Palera church is a simple building, of a single nave with barrel vault reinforced by two transverse ribs and a semi-circular apse in the east. At the bottom of the apse there is a simple and two double-sided windows, located on the noon wall. The old belfry was turned into a conjuratory, a small building in the shape of a porch supported by the vault of the nave. A baptismal font is still preserved inside the church. It is a mololitic piece located on a parallelepiped base used as a pedestal. The font is formed by a glass and a foot, two completely even parts. The simplicity of this font leads us to think that Santa Maria de Palera church dates back to the end of the 11th century or the beginning of the 12th.