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La Vall d'en Bas sculptures

  • La Vall d'en Bas sculptures
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La Vall d'en Bas is home to several sculptures scattered around the territory and two of them are of great interest: the one dedicated to Francesc de Verntallat and the one representing a family of farmers. Francesc de Verntallat's monument is a sculpture by Rosa Serra, inaugurated in May 1999, right in Hostalets d'en Bas. It has an elliptic base with the symbols of a farmer, a politician and a warrior, all of them distinctive traits of Verntallat. On the base, there are a pair of 6 metres high columns which symbolize Verntallat's strength. It is a work of major proportions, 7.5 metres high and made of Portland stone. Another interesting element is the monument dedicated to a family of farmers, located in the road connecting Olot and Vic, right at the crossing with the path leading to Hostalets d'en Bas. It is a sculptural group created in 1972 by Modest Fluvià. This piece represents very realistically a farmer's couple and their son, right next to an agricultural allegory. The monument stands quite near to the one dedicated to Francesc de Verntallat.