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Malagrida Tower and Eixample Malagrida

  • Malagrida Tower and Eixample Malagrida
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This is a project which lays out a model of expansion district-city-garden with green areas and isolated houses. It was implemented from 1916 onwards, thanks to Manuel Malagrida Fontanet. A man from Olot who had made a fortune dealing with tobacco in Argentina (owner of París, the famous cigar factory) and, once back in his home town, donated some money for this project. Everything was designed by Malagrida, together with the municipal architect, Joan Roca Pinet. He followed an urban reform plan made by Alfred Paluzié ten years before. Between Barcelona promenade and the river Fluvià there are two big circles which symbolize Spain and America, with a connecting link: Colom bridge. From the project, initiated in 1916, the first phase was built, dedicated to the Spanish hemisphere. However, the second one, the American hemisphere, designed in 1926 by Josep Esteve Corredor, was not built. The Colom bridge was constructed and inaugurated on the 26th of October 1927 by the King Alfonso XIII, who visited Olot invited by Malagrida. The bridge was demolished after the Civil War. One building is particularly noteworthy, the Malagrida Tower, currently owned by the City Council and used as a youth hostel.