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Mare de Déu del Tura church

  • Mare de Déu del Tura church
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The first reference of the consecrated Mare de Déu del Tura church in Olot dates back to the year 872. There are no elements left of the orginal building, although the present one was built in the same place. The present temple, dedicated to the Virgin of Tura has undergone several reconstructions and reforms over the centuries. After the 15th century earthquakes the keystone and the entrance door of the noon facade were rebuilt. The reforms continued during the 16th and 17th centuries and so the present building is Baroque style. In 1936 it was burned down and the bell tower was completely destroyed, although the Virgin's image remained intact.The Romanesque Virgin's image dates from the 12th century and, apparently, it was found in mas Caritat. Traditionally, it has been worshiped by the city and these days it is Olot's patron saint.