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Mas La Riba (manor house)

  • Mas La Riba (manor house)
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The first references of this manor house date from the 14th century until 1961. It belonged to the Riba family and in the 18th century the heiress, Magdalena Riba, got married with Joan Burch Sayols. Their descendants lived in the house until 1961, when the estate was sold to a business company. At the end of the 19th century a project was undertaken to have reforms done and decorate the building, but it never got off the ground and finally was substituted by one drawn out by the architect Rafael Masó y Valenti. This new project was ordered by Joaquim Burch and it dates from 1906. Masó found his source of inspiration in the English and Nordic domestic architectures, as you can appreciate in the tower with a big English style garden and an intricate Modernist ornamentation.The use of the ceramic and the details of the decoration stand out. The magnificent galleries found on the main façade, as well as the sun clock engraved with “Conto només que-les hores serenes-Llohat sia Ntre. Déu” are also worth noting. In 1961, after changing owners, the house was adapted to the industry. It was also expanded with a modern private chapel illuminated by stained glasses.