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Plaça del Mirador

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From Can Pauet Viewpoint we can contemplate a great part of the medieval village of Santa Pau. This thousand-year village is located near to the river Ser, in one of the routes which link Olot and Banyoles. During the Medieval Age it was the home to Santa Pau barony, which entails the political importance of the village. As many other medieval villages, its core area grew around the castle and turned into a reference point in terms of safety, political power and trade. In fact, one of the most popular spots in Santa Pau is the Main Square. In this square people who lived in the valley between the Finestres (in the south) and Sant Julià del Mont (in the north) gathered to trade with products. Although the most glorious time of Santa Pau coincided with the barony, in the 12th and 14th centuries, the village would appear later in history books for its implication amongst Catalan conflicts, especially with Remences and Carlins.