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Romanesque bridge of Oix

  • Romanesque bridge of Oix
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The Romanesque bridge of Oix allowed the people from Escales, Hortmoier, Monàs, Talaixà, Santa Bàrbara and Oix to cross the river. Built in a semi-circular arch, it deteriorated over the centuries, until in 1991 it was restored by the association Amics de l'Alta Garrotxa, as well as the Regional Department of Culture of the Generalitat. Next to the main arch there is a smaller one by the shore, which allowed people to take the path leading to Pruneres and Castellfollit de la Roca. It could have been named after a previous bridge build in the same location, although this theory has not been proved yet. In fact, a legend says that, one day, as the lord of the Queu de Talaixà was walking to Santa Bàrbara de Pruneres to exercise his dret de cuixa (a feudal lord's right to bed a servant girl), a flood stopped him from crossing the creek of Oix and, thus, he built a bridge.