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Sant Esteve church

  • Sant Esteve church
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The first existing documented references of the temple are found in a parchment of Miró bishop dating back to the year 977. The church was modified over the years and the original Romanesque building was substituted by a new one in 1116. The structure was gravely affected by the 15th century earthquakes and, therefore, it had to be rebuilt. In the 18th century the church was expanded and it was practically rebuilt. It can almost be considered a Neoclassic church dating from 1763, the year in which it was consecrated. In the original Baroque façade, which dates from 1800, there are empty spaces between the recesses where there once used to be Sant Pere sculptures, destroyed in the summer of 1936. The stairway dates back to 1897. Inside the church, the most remarkable features include the Baroque altarpiece known as the ‘Roser' in addition to the sculpture of the main altar, by Josep Clara, a representation of Christ by Ramon Amadeu and the hugely valuable work depicting Christ embracing the Greco cross which is on exhibition in the Parish Museum.