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Sant Esteve d'en Bas church

  • Sant Esteve d'en Bas church
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Sant Esteve d'en Bas church boasts a Romanesque structure and was consecrated in the year 1119. It has six pilasters with very well preserved motifs and characters, most of which have a Corinthian origin. One of them has the Mother of God engraved inside a mandorla. Another pilaster which is also very special is the one with the image of a man fighting against the good and the bad with the figures of an angel, a demon and a pair of pincers, an instrument of torture. Another priceless piece is the Romanesque tympanum of the Christ, dating from earlier than the 12th century. In 1945 a replica of this work of art, made by the sculptor Modest Fluvià, appeared in the high altar. In Sant Esteve d'en Bas church there is also a calvary relief which, for many years, was kept in the garret, although it is now in the parish church. In 1889, the cemetery which was near the parish church wanted to be removed and, during the demolition work, several antropomorphous graves were found. It is believed that such graves correspond to the Carolingian times.