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Sant Francesc towers

  • Sant Francesc towers
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The Montsacopa, also known as Sant Francesc, is one of the most peculiar volcanoes in Olot. This is why it is one of the 26 natural reserves of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. It is alienated with La Garrinada and Montolivet volcanoes, found at a height of 504 metres. The Montsacopa has the typical morphology of strombolian volcanoes; it has been formed through explosive eruptions separated by periods of a variable clam. The crater, absolutely round, has a diameter of 120 metres; it is 12 metres deep and is found in the centre of the volcanic cone. At the top of the Montsacopa volcano there is Sant Francesc hermitage, built in 1817. From this place and from the two defence towers built during the Carlist Wars in the 19th century, we can enjoy a stunning view of Olot, a great part of La Garrotxa volcanic zone and the closer summits of the Pyrennees, as well as the Canigó mountain. During the Third Carlist War (1872-1876) Olot was frequently assaulted by the Carlists. After two years in war, the Carlists practically controlled the entire region, although Olot was always on the Liberals side. It was not until the 16th of April 1874 that Olot surrendered, and only two days after the defeat, a Liberal group of men coming from Girona arrived to help them. Savalls climbed to the balcony of the Solà-Morales house and reclaimed the furs of Catalonia. His victory speech ended with the following words: “Break ranks and start to engender Carlists”. Such an announcement can give us a vague idea of the parties held by the Carlists when conquering a town. Olot was controlled by the Carlists for over a year. However, on the 18th of March 1875, the government got back the control of the city and the Carlists were forced to hide in the mountains. In May 1875, under the commands of the engineer Félix Recio, both the defence towers and the walls were reconstructed, in anticipation of another Carlist War which never took place.
The towers can only be visited during the guided tours organized by the Olot Tourist Office. In the case of other guided tours, in order to access the towers, you must previously contact [email protected]