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Sant Grau d'Entreperes church

  • Sant Grau d'Entreperes church
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Sant Grau d'Entreperes church, located on the southern slope of the Entreperes range, stands, as its name clearly indicates, on a plain. It is a Romanesque construction dating from the 12th century, formed by a single nave covered with slightly pointed barrel vault. The apse has a double-sided window and there are two recesses on the side walls of the nave, at the east end of the church. The belfry, with a square floor plan, stands on the western wall and was built at a later date. The original parts of Sant Grau d'Entreperes church are a clear example of the dominant architecture of La Garrotxa in the 12th century. In fact, a stone in the shape of a trapezium original of this church is kept in the Diocesan Museum of Girona.