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Sant Joan sanctuary and spring

  • Sant Joan sanctuary and spring
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Close to the municipality of Vall d'en Bas, there is Sant Joan de la Font sanctuary, right next to the spring. It is a small Romanesque sanctuary whose origin is unkown. It s formed by a manor house and a church, built in the same building. The church is characteristic of the 12th century, although some elements were built before this century. The remains of a baptismal font and a Visigothic chapel are considered of great interest. The church preserves the nave, the apse, the façade and the bell tower. It may have been modified in the 17th century to reinforce the apse. Before the Civil War, the sanctuary had an image of the Mother of God which people used to worship. On the right of this construction there is Sant Joan spring, which originates a creek leading to Riudaura. Every year, in June, the Saint John festivities are celebrated in this place. It is a traditional celebration where people gather and have lunch. To reach this place you only have to leave Riudaura in the direction of Mas Can Fajula and follow the path which leads directly to the sanctuary.