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Sant Julià del Mont sanctuary

  • Sant Julià del Mont sanctuary
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Sant Julià del Mont sanctuary is located at the top of the mountain range named after it, at a height of 903 metres. Sant Julià del Mont range is located in the north of the municipal territory, bordering Begudà, in Sant Joan Les Fonts village. There are references of it since the year 866 and could be related to the Carolingian monasteries, always located at the top of the hills. The first building was Romanesque style, although over the centuries new constructions have been built in different styles. Situated towards the east, the first sunrays get into the sanctuary through the apse and the last ones disappear on the front wall. Nowadays, the building is run down, except for the bell tower and the hermit's home, which were both restored. On Easter Monday a gathering is celebrated there.One of the multiple ways to get there is following the path which goes up to Sant Abdó and Sant Senén. From this hermitage, you will need to go on going up an hour more and pass Boixedes Col, until you arrive at Sant Julià del Mont Sanctuary. The top area where it is has some spectacular views.